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Online Safety

Do you use the internet? Well if you do there are many dangers on the internet like cyber bullying, spam messages, trolls, and many more. I’m not trying to scare you, I’m just telling you the truth. You should always try to prevent these internet dangers. So if you listen to me I can tell you how to be safe online and how to prevent these online dangers.

First of all, cyber bullying can be a danger to people online. Cyber bullying is basically bullying online. If somebody cyberbullies you don’t reply back because that’s what the cyberbully wants you to do. Don’t write or text anything you wouldn’t say in person. Save and print the message then show an adult you trust. By the way cyber bullying can end up as criminal charges. You should report the user that sent you that message.

Secondly, information privacy is a big deal. Keep your information a secret. Don’t share your passwords, not even your best friend. Don’t put all of your information out online. Tell an adult if you are going to sign up for a website. Let a parent or guardian approve of the website before you go on it.

Third, do you have digital etiquette? Well digital etiquette is called netiquette. Netiquette is rules for how to behave online, just like having good manners in real life. You should use netiquette in online games, chatting and messaging. Some people decide to have bad manners online, that’s not good. By the way the people who decide to have bad manners online are called trolls. Trolls want to start flame wars. Flame wars are basically big arguments online. Yelling at people or name calling online is called flaming.

Well my online life has even more rules. Yes I still follow online safety rules but I have some rules for myself too. Well I can’t text at night. I can’t bring any electronics to the dinner table. Finally I can only text and play on electronics for 2 hours and 45 minutes. In conclusion, be safe online.


Halloween Night

Boo! What the heck! Don’t do that again! I’m trying to put my makeup on for my costume! You should start putting costume on too Kayla. But I don’t want to. Well you have to because tonight is trick or treat night. I still don’t want to. Well I guess you don’t want candy. Candy! You never told me I would get candy!

Ok I’m ready to get candy Catherine! Kayla it’s only 5:30 we have at least another hour or so. But I want to! Well you're not going to get to for another hour or so. Catherine can we tell scary stories? Please? Oh alright but don’t get scared though. The story is called Halloween Night.

The night was October 31st, two girls are trick or treating. Then a clown came up andhanded them a lollypop. The end. That wasn’t scary Catherine. I know, I know, I just don’t want you to have nightmares Kayla. I will not, have a nightmare Catherine! Okay the real story of Halloween Night.

It was October 31st everyone was dressed up to trick or treat. As it got darker more kids started trick or treating. Lots of houses ran out of candy. Out of nowhere everyone heard evil laughing and it was everywhere. Down the alleyways, in the streets and in people’s minds.

Everyone’s eyes were glowing red like laser beams. Everyone except two girls. Their names were Cathleen and Kaylie. They didn’t know what was happening at that time but they knew something was wrong. Terribly wrong.

They trick or treated normally but every house they went to everyone’s eyes were glowing, but they weren’t blinking. Just starring. Cathleen had remembered her field trip to a science lab last year. In the lab there was a giant capsule full of a new disease. The disease was called the laughing gas disease.

Halloween night will be continued. Catherine I’m afraid to go outside, and go to the dentist. Kayla it was just a story, and why are you scared to go to the dentist? I’m scared to go to the dentist because they have laughing gas.



It all started at a family reunion when we started getting bored. Oh I’m sorry let me introduce us, my name is Catherine and I have two sisters, Penelope and Josephine. I also have three obnoxious brothers, Jonathan, Matt, and Nick. We are all 12 except Jonathan and Matt, they are 14. Anyway we were really bored. So we thought that we should explore an abandoned house down the street that we found about a week ago.

It’s an old wooden house that has two floors, an attic, and a basement. It has an old rusted gate around the property with tall grass that looks like it wasn’t mowed in ages and a dead oak tree. The house was held up by vines that grew around the exterior of the house. If the vines were cut down the house will probably fall down. The house was really old and unstable. There was a sign in front of the house that said NO TRESPASSING!

Knowing us, we do the opposite of everything. So when it says no trespassing, we trespass. Anyway there was a hole in the gate just about our size. As we start walking to the house, our phones start going crazy. So we turned our phones on to see what the commotion was all about. Our phones said in all capitals TORNADO WATCH, STAY INDOORS AT ALL TIMES!

You know how I said we do the opposite of everything, well when they say there are tornadoes coming to our area, we actually listen. Everyone starts running to the house except Penelope. I asked her what she was staring at. She stood there in amazement and then she pointed. All I saw was a big black cloud, and then it happened, the cloud started to turn and twist and form a funnel. I knew what was happening and I grabbed her and started running.

As we crawled through the gate my leg got stuck. Penelope ran to the door that lead to the basement and yelled down “Catherine is stuck, help!” Everyone ran up the ladder and started pulling me as hard as they could. I finally got out when the tornado started barreling toward us. We ran as fast as we could to the basement. We were safe but I was bleeding a lot. I started feeling dizzy. Matt found some cloth to wrap my leg in as we waited till the storm passed.


Hanging out with friends

My favorite thing to do is to hang out with my friends. When I was with my friends we swam and barbecued and basically just had fun. That day we were barbecuing and all of a sudden it started pouring. Boom! Crack! A lightning bolt hit a tree in her neighbor's yard. Debris flew everywhere. We had to stay outside because barbecue was our dinner and it wasn't done yet. When we finally raced inside and we turned on the news and it they said the storm was really severe and everyone who was outside had to go indoors right away.

We gobbled down our dinner and waited till the storm passed and when it finally passed we went straight from our clothes and into our bathingsuits and raced back outside and into our pool. We swam, played and splashed each other till dark. When it was dark we got out of the pool and we changed out of our bathingsuits and slipped into our pajamas as fast as we could. We got a huge blanket and we laid it outside and laid on top of it and stared at the starry sky and drifted to sleep.

All of a sudden, boom! It was thunder! We both woke up, folded up the blanket, and ran inside as fast as we could. When we went inside we played lots and lots of games. By the way we both had too much sugar so we were very hyper. That night at midnight we finally went to bed but we couldn't sleep, so we got up and ran around in circles for at least fifteen minutes. Finally we went to sleep.

The next morning we stuffed ourselves with delicious pancakes, but I had to go home though. I was really sad about that, but I thought to myself that was the best day ever. I asked my mom if I could do it again sometime.